Pearsons Hall

Beloit, WI

Pearsons Hall
Pearsons Hall
Pearsons Hall

Erected in 1892-93 in honor of Dr. D. K. Pearsons whose gift made the building possible, this college building was the work of a master firm of architects, Burnham and Root of Chicago, Illinois.  The timber and masonry building is an adaption of the Romanesque revival style.  From 1893 until 1967, it served as the college’s Science Center.  With construction in 1967 of a new science building, Pearsons Hall lost its primary reason for existence, and gradually was abandoned and allowed to fall into disrepair.  Recognition of the building’s historic and architectural significance led to designation on the National Register of Historic Places in 1980 and to a renewed effort to preserve the distinctive structure.  The biggest single obstacle was the rehabilitation cost,. But benefactors were found who recognized both the building’s beauty and its potential uses.


Working with a committee of students, faculty, and administrators, the architects developed a plan for the building which would take maximum advantage of what was already there – in particular, magnificent pine timbers and large open spaces – and at the same time meet current building code requirements.


The building is open year round and houses the campus bookstore, dining center, meeting rooms, mailroom, student activity offices, art gallery, study lounge, security office, and other facilities.  In addition, meeting and dining facilities are available for gatherings of 10 to 200 people.




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